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If you are looking for personal birth preparation, birth doula service or a postpartum doula you have come to the right place.

We have over 10 years of experience of serving and assisting parents to be and new parents.

Our service

Birth preparation

Personal birth preparation in your home for your convenience. 

Doula service

We support you during your pregnancy and trough your birth, giving you continuous support that meet your needs. 

Postpartum support

We assist you in getting ready in your role. We know how demaning those first few weeks can be

“Guðrún supported my family during my second pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period and she did an incredible job. She’s very empathic, accepting, and without prejudice. During pregnancy she helped with mental preparation for giving birth at Björkin with mindfulness and affirmations, during labor she was by my side with comforting words and massages, and during the postpartum period she took care of my newborn and toddler so my partner and I could rest. All these things she did in a kind and warm-hearted way. She made a difference for us and I’m thankful for her help."
postpartum doula support Iceland

We Know How Precious Those Moments Are

Everyones journey is unique and the transistion to parenthood no different.

We belive connection is the key to this transition.


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