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Doulatraining in English

Join our Doula Training program and start supporting birthing families during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Our program provides an empowering education about doulas and doula support and equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care. Join our program and be part of the Icelandic birthing community and start making a difference!

Great for people who are passionate about birth, people wanting to deepen their knowledge on the perinatal period and everyone who is interested in supporting families to be.

What we cover

Among things that we cover during the course is:

  • scope of being a doula

  • support in birth and different births

  • how to structure doula care

  • Different support for different births

  • hands on skills

  • breastfeeding and the newborn

  • the new family

  • the business of being a doula


What is included

  • Eight training days

  • Four follow up support hours

  • Support and supervision for 2 years after training starts

  • Booklet on doulas in 

  •  ,,Reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage" 

  • Online birthpreparation course in Icelandic

  • Membership in Icelandic doula Association for 2 years


January 19th

January 20th

January 21st

February 23rd

February 24th

March 14th

April 21st

May 7th

A long with four support ,,Office hours" online from August-December 2024.

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