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All doulas / birthworkers are welcome

How to get to Iceland?
There are many airlines that fly to Iceland, I recommend looking at or other search engines to see the best fare. There are too many to name but Icelandair, Play Air, Transavia, Easy Jet and many more have direct flights.

There is also a ferry that comes once a week to the east of Iceland if you want to travel by car. From Seyðisfjörður to Reykjavík Capital is a 12 hour drive.

How to get to the retreat?
There is a bus that goes from our Airport to the Capital (50 min)  and from the Capital close to the retreat (70 min). From the airport to the summerhouse it is about a two hour busride/ drive.

What should I take with me?

Normal clothing of course and please keep in mind that Icelandic weather can be unpredictable and good shoes will help. Please bring 2 towels and swimsuit.

How is the weather?

May is usually pleasant in Iceland, temperature from 2-11 degrees Celsius, with mild weather and long bright days but please be prepared and bring your good jacket and mittens.

What about Covid and travelling?

Rules change fast and at the moment C is under control in Iceland. We think rules will be different in May 2022 but will keep you updated.

When this is written everyone that comes to Iceland have to undergo a PCR-test and if not vaccinated/with Antibodies has to undergo a 5 day quarantine. More Information to be found on this official page here.

Can I stay longer in Iceland?

Yes absolutely! You are welcome to stay as long as you want and we´ll do our best to assits you with your continuing travels and make your visit as pleasant as can be. Be in touch and I´ll help in all possible ways.

How to register?
Please fill out the form on our website or email us at if you want to register and if you have any questions. 

At the moment there are 3 places available.

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